La boucle des pins



Discover a picture postcard landscape as you hike along the famous Pine Trail

The pine forest is an important part of the Medoc's moorland landscape, where visitors discover picture postcard scenery as they hike along the famous Pine Trail.Hikers prepare to set off from Pian-Médoc, looking forward to a few hours' walk (or an hour's bike ride) in the welcome shade of the great trees that line the route, and stopping off for a gourmet picnic by the pond at Jousta.Hikers savour the beautiful fragrances of the softwood trees (historically harvested to make gemme, or pine sap resin), soft-barked cork oaks, splendid white birches, chestnut trees, and much more besides.In a state of total relaxation, visitors feel at one with nature. Their gaze is naturally drawn to the treetops that disappear into the Medoc sky, as they listen to the music of the leaves as they rustle in the breeze...


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La boucle des pins

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