La boucle des palombes



Since ancient times, woodpigeon have traditionally been hunted on the banks of the estuary.In the Labarde marshland, an exceptionally preserved natural environment, visitors glimpse the region's famous palombières, wooden tree houses perched some 25 metres above the ground. The Woodpigeon Trail passes through an untamed ecosystem, with surprises at every turn. Hikers not only learn about local history and culture, they are also able to observe an incredible variety of marshland flora and fauna: wetland trees including ashes and poplars, marsh irises, summer snowflake (a rare, protected plant species), damselflies, kingfishers, European pond turtles (native to the Aquitaine region).As well as this natural heritage, visitors discover the region's architectural heritage, as they follow the pathways that lead past Chateau Giscours (1855 Third Growth) and its many period outbuildings.


  • 1h30


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La boucle des palombes