La boucle des châteaux de Margaux



From Margaux to Lascombes, via Issan, centuries pass by in a few delightful minutes

The natural trail from Margaux to Cantenac links the estuary to some of the Medoc's most prestigious chateaus.Visitors can cross the seemingly endless vineyard on foot or by bicycle, stopping periodically to have a closer look at a magnificent chateau. Somewhere between 18 and 21 chateaus are situated on this route: 21 glistening diamonds representing some of the world's best known wine estates.From Margaux to Lascombes, via Issan or Marojallia, several centuries seem to go by in a few delightful minutes.Pick up a route map from the Maison du vin et du tourisme de Margaux, and set off on a truly wonderful tour, with many miles of discoveries waiting to be made! Naturally, the calm waters of the Gironde, with a view of the île Margaux, provide the trail with its spectacular conclusion.


  • 1h20
  • 40mn


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La boucle des châteaux de Margaux