Boucherie Charcuterie Mich-El



Choose from a range of beautifully prepared, artisanal produce.
With his butcher-delicatessen perfectly located in the heart of the famous village of Margaux, Michel Migné is truly enamoured of his profession, offering a beautifully prepared selection of artisanal produce.
Putting into practice savoir-faire that is the result of many years of experience, Monsieur Migné is still working to pass on his passion to a new generation of apprentices.
He is also only too happy to help customers select from the range of locally produced meat on offer.
The quality here is extraordinary, allowing for some truly spectacular meals. And thanks to the butcher's sage advice, they'll always be cooked to perfection!
As for cold meats (perfect for appetisers and picnics on the banks of the estuary): traditional grenier médocain, pâtés, and delicious pork scratchings to pair with a glass or two of local wine.


Boucherie Charcuterie Mich-El

  • 4 rue du Parc des Sports
  • Tel. +33 5 57 88 71 43