Learn about the life of bees and the production of delicious honey
In the heart of the Haut Médoc, bees inhabit wild and domestic woodland areas, collecting the pollen...
Under the queen's watchful eye, diligent workers transport their precious cargo...
Let Frédéric and Evelyne Wielezynski introduce you to the magical little world of the apiary.
Committed to the preservation of a highly fragile ecosystem (where bees are a vital link in the chain), these beekeepers in the village of Pian Médoc invite visitors to learn more about their vital work.
Discover more about the life of bees, the production of honey, and of course the its magnificent flavours!
The owners are also members of the "un toit pour les abeilles" (a roof for the bees) scheme, giving companies and individuals the opportunity to adopt a hive! Why not get involved yourself?



  • Mr et Mme Wielezynski
  • 33290 PIAN-MÉDOC
  • Tel. +33 06 88 70 12 53