Jean-Claude GOFFRE

This nature lover swapped his rifle for a camera long ago. Today, he specialises in exceptional, powerful snapshots of the surrounding wilderness…

Rather than speaking about himself, the self-effacing Jean-Claude Goffre prefers showing off his favourite photos, which he stores on his computer. Thousands of natural moments have been captured for posterity: local festivals set to the sound of the hunters’ horns, children startling partridges into flight, beautiful meadows of freshly sewn wild-flowers…

In the Arcins-Soussans wetlands, a place greatly appreciated for its rich, natural beauty (a Natura 2000 classified site), he runs guided tours for groups of young children…

The former president of the Soussans Hunting Society (he also worked as a local fire-fighter) is fountain of information: he knows the habits of every plant and animal, and better than anyone else the secrets behind tracking the estuary’s elusive wildlife. Since retiring, he has never been so busy!

Today, he devotes a great deal of time to his 24 Anglo-Français hounds, faithful companions in the village of Soussans (he is one of the last residents to have been born in the village). He also works daily to organise nature and hunting festivals, as well as all-important environmental clean-up operations in the heart of the village, and of course the precious moments he spends introducing the younger generation to the region’s flora and fauna.

The children of Soussans are fortunate to have their tireless tour guide, who also works with pupils at local schools.

If the secret to happiness is sharing it with others, then Jean-Claude must be a very happy man indeed!