Ferme laitière



Pick up fresh milk from one of the Medoc's few dairy farmers
(Re)discover the taste of freshly collected milk!
On the road leading to the port of Lamarque, you can pick up the freshest milk (and see the cows that make it)!
Locally sourced produce is very much in fashion, and it's easy to see why. Visiting your local farm is a great way to understand where your food comes from.
Alain Duvialard is one of the few dairy farmers that survive in the Medoc, a territory largely devoted to winegrowing. And yet, Alain wouldn't give up his profession for anything! Every day of the year, he lives to the rhythm of the cows, collecting their very high quality milk.
Thanks to the farm, visitors can enjoy rich hot chocolates, divine smoothies and milkshakes, homemade yoghurt, gourmet crêpes, and of course the all-important dash of milk in the morning coffee.


Ferme laitière

  • Mr Duvialard
  • 33460 LAMARQUE
  • Tel. +33 6 89 77 96 68
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