Where there are hives, there's honey : Acacia, buckthorn, chestnut, honey, sunflower, spring...
There's nothing sweeter than honey sourced directly from the producer. Bernard Simian, a beekeeper based in Ludon-Médoc, is passionate about the profession (he is also President of the Gironde Beekeepers' Union).
He is only too happy to recount the minutiae of his daily work: the time, the patience, and the constant need to preserve the bees' habitat, all too often endangered by human activity.
And where there are hives... there's honey! Having discovered the wonderful world of the apiary, and the daily dance of the bees, you'll be able to taste some of the property's honey!
Acacia honey, buckthorn honey, chestnut honey, polyfloral honey, sunflower honey, spring honey... the precious nectar reveals some glorious aromas, each with its own unique flavour profile and specific health benefits.



  • Mr Simian
  • 33290 LUDON-MÉDOC
  • Tel. +33 05 57 88 17 18