Ile Margaux



The île Margaux has been part of the region's heritage since the eighteenth century
Formed at the beginning of the eighteenth century, the île Margaux is an important part of the region's heritage. Today, its reflection still glistens in the sparkling waters of the Medoc estuary, between the île verte and the coast.

Subjected to estuary currents that continually shape and reshape its topographical boundaries, it owes its current position to a priceless conservation plan.

A footpath designed by the estate’s owner Gérard Favarel surrounds the isle’s vines. 365 fruit trees line the path, creating a natural barrier.

On the domain, 5 exceptional grape varieties grow on these unique soils.

A tasting is available as part of a guided tour of the isle: learn all about the vines, the winery, and the vat-house. After the tour, discover the unique taste of the island's wines.



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Ile Margaux

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